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Re: Google Authenticator wants to run QR scanner every time

DriverCarriesNoCash Jun 18, 2012 10:23 PM
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How did I set it up? Well, let's see: Two or three times I tried setting it up manually; however, I could not find that really secret secret key that turns out to be hidden behind a link that implies I'm unable to use a scanner to read a QR code. So that didn't work. When I told the app I wanted to use a scanner to read a code, which I did at least twice if not more than twice, ever since that first instance, despite turning off 2SV, clearing data from the phone, deleting the app, cycling power on the phone, reinstalling the app, and restarting 2SV -- even once inputting an account manually, once I figured out the secret to the secret key -- the app still opens with an OS-provided window asking me to pick a scanner app and giving me the option to select a default scanner app. That's the window I can't eliminate from the GA app on my Razr Maxx. In fact, I even got that app after deleting the whole mess and starting over, as though it's hardwired into the app (which, if true, is NUTS!!!). This is where I said numerous loops ago on this thread that the app needs a method to EDIT account information rather than RENAME or REMOVE account info. Nor are there any settings (or even menu selections) such that I can go into the app and kill this insistence on picking a scanner. The only "settings" I get are "Time correction for codes" and "About," neither of which addresses the insistent problem with the app.