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Re: Account disabled - Entered wrong birthday

smartigan Jul 5, 2012 3:01 PM
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I tried without success. Even using a newly downloaded Chrome browser.
1) Tried to sign in using the disabled account and received the message
2) Followed the link, entered the correct birth month,day, year
3) Clicked "pay with credit card"
4) Chose "ACCEPT" for the the EULA
5) Got to the screen that has create a new acct -or- sign in

The "sign out and sign in as a different user" does not show up on this page. But if I just try to sign in using an active account it then shows up after when clicking the "SIGN IN" button. So I tried it. Got a new screen. "Having trouble signing in?" and was routed to more trouble shooting but never given the opportunity to pay with a credit card.