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Re: My child abruptly lost all access to her years-old gmail account because she is under 13

gurudesignllc Dec 27, 2011 7:28 PM
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I'm the daddy of a brokenhearted 12 year old doing home school like many mentioned before. Her account was suspended talking to a schoolmate. I understand both sides of the frustration form the discussions.  Google was not wrong and needs to cover their back to comply with COPPA. I broke the rule in creating her account against the terms. Her hurt from this, it is my fault.

My 12 year old turns 13 two or three days after her suspended account is to erased. Is it possible to extend her data in the file just 3 more days so she doesn't have to start over? I believe in justice. It does serves Google in this case.

I also believe in mercy. Will Google benefit by not extending the account 3 days? My daughter built an entire Google website with her dad along with her email account with the intent to show it to her friends on her birthday. She's so proud of it! She's proud that she learned how to use it and none of her other friends know how to design a website. She has been honest and not shown it. I don't mind paying for my mistake if the site is erased. I will tell her it's my fault and she will learn about obedience while she's young vs. when she's older and the price much higher.

This situation does set Google up for a chance to be merciful if the good folks there are open to helping out a 12 year old that thinks you're pretty cool!