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Re: My Google Profile was suspended. How long until I get it back? More importantly, CAN I get it back?

cz_unit Jul 22, 2011 7:07 AM
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Hi Natalie!

I was routed here by another user who had a similar problem and got it resolved. My account was suspended in error, and when I did the submit I was routed over to Neil. Nice person, I explained to him that cz *is* the name I go by (specifically CZ Unit), I have been going by it for 9 years now on LiveJournal, and over 25 years on the Internet at large. Regardless, my account is not active and the weekend is coming up, followed by Black-Hat and Defcon.

My friends know me as CZ. My family knows me as CZ. My relationships know me as CZ. People I meet at parties, at the local swimming pool, at events, on the street know me as CZ. At this point I have over 20 friends who have written letters to google attesting to this, and a few who are getting notarized documents saying that yes, I'm CZ.

What will it take to get my account re-activated since I am following the terms of service (using a name people commonly know me by and have for many years) and am not committing fraud or mis-representation.

You're welcome to stop by my LJ: to be filled in on the details. There's a number of people interested in this, and I would like to re-establish communications with my social circle.

( back in the day)