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Re: The date received line of received emails display the date/time I open them instead of date sent

garyever Jul 3, 2011 11:48 AM
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Categories: Reading and Receiving Messages :

The date/time opened shows the same anytime during the same day, but if I open again the next day or any day after, they continue to show the present day/hour for that day until reopened at a later date and then they show that later date/time whatever that ends up being.

The line we are discussing displays " From emailer to me", which would imply the date/time sent to me, not date/time I opened.  Since date opened appears to be what they intend to display, this whole display seems to me a bit worthless, since I would think most users would use this info to sequence replies/sends in date/time order to enable a better review of the order of exchanges or to display legally as to dating the timing of agreements, offers, etc, etc,..  I can see no practical use for the date I opened as it is a constantly moving target.  I do now notice that "showing original" produces a fixed original date, if I dig through the volume of lines to find the date/time/original text, and then attach it to the original text copy to dispute the date on the originally received email.  A cumbersome process to say the least and basically unusable for practical documentation in the business world or even home use which depends to a lesser extent on being able to document transactions with repair people, renters, public utilities, etc..  I prefer Google, but this date thing throws a big obstacle to my continued use of the program.

I use Safari on a MacBookPro.  

Is there no way to get a display of the date received/time on the received text copy?