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Re: Those who hate the new gmail look

henrypage Apr 25, 2012 5:22 AM
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Here's an idea for a protest. If you really don't like the 'new look' on gmail and you are outraged at the invasion of privacy with the new changes, then switch your email settings to basic HTML. Here's how:

     1. Open your browser on Google search.
     2. Enter the following text: Standard view and basic HTML view - Gmail
     3. The top listing should be from the domain ''
     4. Click the link
     5. Go to: that's why we've developed a basic HTML view of our service
     6. The term 'basic HTML' is a link - click on it.
     7. That should have altered your gmail to an ordinary HTML account.

The disadvantages are that you are no longer interconnected to Googles multitude of services, i.e. calendar, documents, photos, Google+

The advantage is that you can still access all of those by logging into them via the web and you get no advertising on basic HTML. I am assuming that my emails will also not be swept for advertising purposes as HTML mode excludes advertising. Try it - you can always switch back to Google's sanitised 'new look'.