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**In-Flight ID Charts**

Cyclonic Nov 19, 2005 6:50 AM
Posted in group: Transportation
This post contains screenshots of airplanes captured in flight in GE with ID and dimensions.
All dimensions are accurate and taken from and Wikipedia so keep in mind that they will vary in GE.
Satellite pix are fairly close most of the time but aerial pix are off by alot.
I included both feet and meters.
The old chart was pretty messy, with measurements from the GE tool, which led to very innacurate information.
I sorted them in alphabetical order by company for the most popular ones.
Military planes were done seperately and are after the Civilian planes.
Most of their measurements were taken from FAS.ORG.
On the bottom I added new schematic drawings with the visual differences on a few sets of planes that are close in size and shape.

The following pictures are planes of similar size where the GE measuring tool can go either way.
In these cases you will need to be able to tell the differences simply by looking at them.
Hopefully the pictures below will help make it easier.


Most times, this is a easy way to tell a Boeing from a Airbus.

Many thanks to Bebop for his patience and expertise in this subject.