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Re: Horse and Buggy on the road #14

TheLedge May 22, 2007 9:45 AM
Posted in group: Transportation
Here you go.......

A very useful tool for displaying many placemarks in a small area, or the same kind of thing, or a tour, is a folder. Instead of clicking "placemark" on the "add a placemark" menu, click "folder" . Then you can drag placemarks you have already created to it, or create placemarks in the folder that you made and named. Attach it to your post as you would a regular placemark. So now, rather than someone having to visit many posts you made, which often get separated and scattered, they can click once and see all the things you want to show about the locality or item or tour. Later, if you have something else to add, you can add it, re-save and re-post the folder with the new information.

Please Make Folders