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Re: Tour de France 2006: Something wrong today

lucifer666 Jul 20, 2006 2:02 PM
Posted in group: Places (read only)
Hi Lunie,

Yes indeed you are correct, at the beginnig of the stage I again ran into on of these "Improvements" I put into the script.
(Well this time it was just a spelling error)

So the first update took yesterdays data and locked up...

After about an hour I was back home and corrected the script.

But now I promise! Everything is set up for stages 18 and 20 and I will not improve it any more!

It might be that at the beginning of the stage there are still odd data comming from this page:

That is where I get the group information.

Actual position of the leader is fetched from:

that has quicker updates.
Cheers, Christoph