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Re: Tour de France 2006: All Stages!

joernc Jun 25, 2006 11:03 AM
Posted in group: Places (read only)

I have done my own version of the TDF 2006 stages, see

Within minutes this was spotted by lucifer666, mentioning that he already had published tracks back in may. I saw his post, but decided to upload my version nonetheless, because
  • While I am amazed by the sheer quantity of information in his version, I like to keep things lean and mean.
  • I like diversity.
  • It is mine, mine, mine!!!

But lucifer666 noticed some differences between our tracks, and asked me to join this discussion. Maybe I simply start by explaining how I made my upload:
  • The basic data was taken from the Tour web page of ARD ( ), one of germanys main broadcasting companies. It's just a textual list of WGS84 coordinates, you can nearly wrap them into a <LineString> as is. I am not sure how they generated the data, or how accurate it is. It was possibly provided by MagicMaps ( ).
  • With some lines of Perl I converted these coordinates into KML files, calculating the distances between points using the module Geo::Distance.

That's essentialy it.

Concerning the differences between lucifer666's and my tracks: Sometimes my data seems to be better (for example in stage 6), and sometimes I think lucifer666 has it right (e.g. the finish of stage 1).

Oh, one more thing about lucifer666's placemarks: Most of the accented letters are broken in Google Earth. The KML file contains Latin 1 characters, but the XML declaration says UTF-8. Either actually use this encoding, or change the declaration to "ISO-8859-1".