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Why You Can't Find Nibiru

Gregg1956 Aug 28, 2010 9:21 PM
Posted in group: The Other Sentient Side
Nibiru and Planet X have been discussed at great length here, but mostly regarding claims of a "missing/deleted image" of Nibiru followed by the ever-patient replies by Hill and Markopolo (and others) as to why the image isn't there and where it can be found.

This is understandable and appropriate, given that this is a community that's all about places in Google Earth.

However, my search of the Nibiru posts revealed that some questions haven't been asked or answered. How did this whole thing get started? Is it really possible that a large planet is "headed our way"? What evidence supports this doomsday prediction?

Based on some of my research, I submit the following for your consideration.

Scientific Predictions

Originally Posted By: Wikipedia
Discovered on September 23, 1846, Neptune was the first planet found by mathematical prediction rather than by empirical observation. Unexpected changes in the orbit of Uranus led Alexis Bouvard to deduce that its orbit was subject to gravitational perturbation by an unknown planet. Neptune was subsequently observed by Johann Galle within a degree of the position predicted by Urbain Le Verrier...

In 1846, when scientists didn't know nearly as much as we do today about the gravitational pull of the planets, astronomers were able to accurately predict where Neptune, an undiscovered planet at the time, would be.

They were correct.

More than a century earlier, in 1705, a man named Edmond Halley studied historical comet sightings and concluded that several of them were one and the same comet. Using his knowledge of mathematics and astronomy he predicted that this comet would return in 1758.

He was correct.

It is known today as Halley's Comet. (Note: his prediction wasn't nearly as accurate as today's astronomy, due to the lack of knowledge of gravitational perturbation .)

Just as the gravity of our Moon has a measurable and predictable effect on our oceans (the tides), the gravity of the planets has a measurable and predictable effect on everything around them.

Nibiru/Planet X Predictions

In 1995 Nancy Lieder predicted that a planet would sweep through our solar system in May 2003 and destroy most of humanity.

She was incorrect.

Was her prediction based on astronomy or mathematics? No. She claims to be in communication with extra-terrestrials via an implant in her brain.

The current doomsday prediction started with her. When the world didn't end in May 2003, the date was changed to December 2012, then some time later changed more specifically to Dec 21, 2012.

At some point the name "Nibiru" was associated with this doomsday planet. This is based on fiction writer Zecharia Sitchin's claims that ancient Sumerians wrote about Nibiru as being a planet with an elongated, elliptical 3,600 year orbit.

He is incorrect.

Originally Posted By: Wikipedia
Sitchin's speculations have been ridiculed by professional scientists, historians, and archaeologists, who note many problems with his translations of ancient texts and categorize his work as pseudoscience.

If that's not enough for you, Dr. Michael S. Heiser who has a Ph.D. in Ancient Semitic Languages, not only thoroughly debunks Sitchin, but also has a video showing how you can translate the ancient Mesopotamian text yourself using online credible resources used by scholars world wide. The video link is on this web page.

The Sumerians simply did not write about a planet called Nibiru. They did not write (or know) anything about the outer planets in our solar system. They did not write about "a twelfth planet". This is all pure fiction made up by Sitchin.

Let's get back to real science. Today's astronomers can not only predict what is going to happen in our solar system, they can tell us what is NOT happening.

If a large planet was going to collide with Earth two years from now there would be measurable effects, scientific evidence, of that fact. Remember Neptune? "Nibiru" would be disrupting the orbits of our outer planets. This is an immutable law of physics.

If it were far enough away NOT to be affecting our planets it would have to be traveling impossibly fast to reach us in 2012 and therefore couldn't possibly be "in orbit" around our sun.

See Interview with Mike Brown professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

Missing Data in Google Sky

Newbies are constantly coming here and demanding to know why Google has deleted the image for Nibiru (5h 53m 27s,-6 10' 58" or something similar). That simply isn't the case. GEC Member Markopolo has addressed this question and has provided information on how to access the location from other public resources.

Originally Posted By: Markopolo
This area of the sky is visible in WikiSky and, and in other professional sources of astronomical imagery. Nothing hidden, just a missing piece out of the Google Sky imagery. Believe it or not, Google Sky is not the only source of astronomical imagery. Do a little Web browsing, and you can find an amazing variety of astronomical imagery, all free, all public, all readily available with the click of your mouse, including any number of images of 5h 53m 27s, -6 10' 58 in a variety of wavelengths.

Good luck, and have fun!

View the "missing data" here-
Markopolo's SERC image J filter Deep Sky Survey.kmz

My informed opinion: you can't find Nibiru because it doesn't exist. It's a myth based on mixed up accounts of other myths for which there is absolutely no evidence. Furthermore, there is credible scientific (physical) evidence that it can't possibly exist.

Finally, and briefly, I will address the notion of a government cover-up. Think about it: there are astronomers in just about every country on every continent. A cover-up of this magnitude would require cooperation between every government. Not likely. Censorship of the whole world? Not likely. The Google Earth Community is a perfect example of why this can't work. I am in regular contact here with people from Europe, the UK, Australia, India, etc. How could you stop astronomers from posting scientific evidence on the internet?

"But I've seen the evidence! It's on YouTube!"

No. Sorry. You saw unsubstantiated claims. That's not evidence. An extraordinary claim such as this doomsday planet requires a bit more than a video that parrots all the misinformation on doomsday web sites, especially when the experts, the scientists, are saying it's impossible.

The scientific method along with the peer review process are required to make me a believer. Show me the evidence.

In conclusion I will make some predictions of my own:

The world will not end on Dec 21, 2012.

This will not be the end of it. The "believers" will make excuses, set a new date, and the madness will continue.

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