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Re: Google Earth 4.3

Noisette Apr 16, 2008 12:03 PM
Posted in group: Open Forum
Thanks. It's the names of the colours that aren't working. And some of it didn't work as it should in 4.2 either. Look at this page, the background is burleywood. Even in 4.2 I see the background as black in your placemarks.

I'd really recommend that you use a colour chart, if you search, you'll find a lot of examples, here's just one:
So, if you want a black background: <body bgcolor="#000000">
Blue text: <font color="#151B8D">
You shouldn't get any surprises then.

You can also use this KML color code converter from rsgrillo, choose the colour you want, and then use the html code which you see in the list on the right. BBS post.
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