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Re: Report Problems Here

Walter_V_R Mar 30, 2012 1:57 AM
Posted in group: Open Forum

When I look at my own activity in the Open Forum, I only see the 'new' posts in that forum, not in others, such as F&G

When I look at my own activity in Fun & Games, I only see my F&G posts.
The amount of posts is also not reflecting the number of posts over the years. (See count at the top and the statistics at the bottom).

When I look at the activity of other people (forgive me to take yours, Kite),
- the amount of posts is much higher
- it shows posts in all forums
- it has a selection box for "All forums" of specific forums
(but, even then, Kite was much more active than 205 posts)

Remark: I was very patient to make this post: It took me just less than half an hour to move the 3 pictures into the position that I wanted.


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