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Re: Report Problems Here

washi Mar 23, 2012 9:40 PM
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Reply to Kite_Surfer's Post

Perhaps I don't completely understand your problem.  If this is the case, please forgive me.

Nothing can be done until you can edit the post in People and Cultures to replace the old attachment with the new.  When you can do that, all that needs to be done, I think, is replace the old address with the new one.  On my Windows system, I right-clicked the attachment in Member-centric and selected "Copy Shortcut," then pasted that URL into the placemark link in place of the URL in the old system.  The revised P&C placemark is attached below.

As for me, virtually everything I have posted (and some things that I am waiting to post until the GEC becomes fully functional) has to be revised because I refuse to pay the steep price now demanded for Image Shack hosting services.  Since I still have no clue about whether URL's of attached files will change (as in the last UBB based GEC) or remain the same (as in the pre-2009 system) when the file is replaced, I have decided to stop posting content I don't want to appear in the Layer to Member-centric, and use CuriousJM's suggestion of hosting these KMZ at Drop Box.  If it develops the file attachments in the new system have stable URL's, then it will be easy to continue using MC.  At least, by using Drop Box, I can proceed with revising files without having to wait until I can understand the new data base.