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Re: Report Problems Here

washi Mar 14, 2012 7:43 PM
Posted in group: Open Forum

I agree, Kite that the whole email notification thing needs some tweaking.  Just judging from the amount of email I'm getting lately, I can imagine a veritable tsunami once the GEC gets cranked up again.

The feature that I miss the most is the old Active Topics.  I really liked the ability to see in one place everything that had been posted.  I don't read everything, of course, but there are many members who I like to follow.  Opening every forum to search for the gems is extremely time consuming.  If the option exists to get an email notice every time a post is made, it seems like it wouldn't be difficult to slip in a bit of code that would send a notice to something like an Active Topics file, where we could all go to see who has posted what.  If I could just click an option for email notification "everything," I guess that would amount to the same thing, only in my inbox.

Another "failure" of the present system is that if you do find an interesting post you'd like to follow, you don't seem to be able to get a notice of it without posting a reply.