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Re: GE Post Wizard - is this a good thing?

Gregg1956 Jun 24, 2012 8:07 PM
Posted in group: Open Forum
I want to clarify my point, since at least one member seems to have missed it entirely.

I see the Post Wizard (PW) as being far more detrimental than beneficial. I see a constant stream of very poorly done posts being placed in inappropriate forums. I see the moderators constantly moving these posts to where they belong, which is usually MCL or E&T or other non-layering forums.

I have not seen a big increase in properly done, appropriately placed posts.

The forum lists are a side issue, but one that also is detrimental in my view. Having been in some private conversations since I posted this, I am not alone in what I see as a problem.

I think that whoever makes decisions about such things, needs to look at what the goal of the PW is, and take a good look at whether or not that goal is being met. If the goal is to simply drive traffic to the GEC, then yeah, it's doing that. But the quality of the traffic is what concerns me. Do we want a bunch of posts with uninformative titles and empty descriptions, placed randomly? I certainly don't.

If the goal of the PW is to improve the quality of the GEC, and to bring new (and old) desirable members, it is failing miserably. That is my main point.

Recently I've been posting every day, sometimes several times a day, in the forum I like best. I put time and effort into my posts. Seeing my posts constantly sandwiched between empty, inappropriate posts makes me feel like my efforts are a waste of time. That is my secondary point.

And I have no idea what that blather about the PW being "a great tool for posting KML/Z without having to program the raw data" is supposed to mean. It doesn't help anyone create good placemarks. It only attaches the placemark (or folder) for you. It is not by any means a "great tool" as far as I can see. The evidence, that is the quality of the posts we're getting from the PW, speaks for itself.

And frankly, MM, I found your reply rather insulting.