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Re: Cape Town sample 3d

Jerominus Sep 21, 2006 9:20 AM
Posted in group: Models and Annotations
Hi guys,

It has been some time since Cape Town was shown in Full Color!

Well some time has passed and I would like to give the link to our new website [url=][/url] (all under construction so don't be too harsh, especially IE users among us..).

It has been a lot of work, not everthing matches even our own ambitions - ...just yet. Enjoy a work in progress.

We are active under [url= .][/url] . Release on sept. 17 2006.

And No!:
We are not planning to use anybody's 3D models in our M3D Glider beta release (this fall when everything goes as planned) without giving full copyright credentials and specs.
We believe in quality content and foster the creative talents behind it (once in a while, yes, one of our own, but surely not so many times around).

For now, all constructive feed-back to is very much appreciated (all positive and of course less positive).

More to come..

M3D Glider team.

Many many many thanks to Bernhard, for his [url=]Globe Glider[/url] technologies and to Jason at [url=]ZNO[/url] for his great architectural buildings, designed from Down Under.