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Construction - old black and white photos

spanishflyer Apr 15, 2006 4:52 AM
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Inside Shukhov tower - R. Grefe, 1989

"What looks beautifully is durable. The human eye is used to nature proportions, and in nature, according to Darwin, survives (only) what is durable and utilitarian" (V. Shukhov).

In Russian: "Что красиво смотрится, то прочно. Человеческий взгляд привык к пропорциям природы, а в природе выживает то, что прочно и целесообразно".

Old picture - Alexander Rodchenko, 1926

Shukhov tower - the symbol of Soviet radio broadcasting. "An upward aspiration, a symbol of the human spirit."

In Russian: "Вся - порыв вверх, вся - символ человеческого духа".

Telescopic pipe principle - unknown photographer, 1928 (?)

Installation of a high voltage power transmission line pole near Moscow (128 m). Another Shukhov project which is similar to the project of Shukhov tower. No crane is used for installation. Upper sections are lifted from the part of the tower already installed.

Shukhow tower and Eiffel tower

Initial project was 350 m in height (right). But it required 2200 tons of steel. Young Soviet Russia did not have enough metal. Thus Shukhov had to decrease height to 150 m (left). Lenin personally ordered to provide 240 tons of high quality German Ruhr steel from military department stocks.