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Osaka Dome, 3D model

barnabu May 28, 2006 1:02 PM
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Osaka Dome, multi-purpose stadium. 1.6MB.

[color:"red"] Edit 2006-12-21: [/color] This is an updated, slightly enlarged version of my original model, taking into account the new 3d buildings layer for GEin Osaka. Google Earth 4 required.

The first version, which works in Google Earth v3, can be downloaded here .

About the Building:

Opened March 1, 1997

Capacity: 44,000 in baseball configuration. Maximum 55,000 for other events.

Home to the Orix Buffaloes.

The most distinctive feature of the structure is the wave shaped Fiesta Mall. It provides the access route to the upper tiers of seating.

The roof is fixed, but the arena has a mechanized system that changes the seating and configuration to suit the event taking place - football, baseball or concerts.

The ceiling is formed from a series of concentric rings that can be moved up and down to alter the acoustics and/or let in more natural light.

The model was created with SketchUp.

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