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Re: Locating Long Range ABM launcher sites

rambo54 Nov 8, 2006 10:03 AM
Posted in group: Military (Moderated)
Hi EugeneF!
Additional short Info for you: I was in contact with Mr. Pavel Podvig of "" meanwhile. He said that the location in my placemark for Kurilovo (55° 3'36.33"N 37° 3'10.51"E) is in fact part of a Satellite Control and Communication Center for early-warning satellites (maybe called Serpukhov-15) and no ABM Site at all. Although one of the "globalsecurity" pictures fits exactly to that location (see overlay of my former post) they obviously made a mistake in their assessment.
So far to that.
A short other question: I am looking for the position (GE coordinates) of the former place of that "Krasnoyarsk" BMEWS Radar Station which was dismantled in the early 90ties due to the complaining of the US. I only know that it was near a village named Abalakova ( 58° 6'56.26"N 92°40'49.55"E) which is on High Res. Do you have any further information about its exact location? Thanks and Best Regards.