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Re: Nakba- The Palestinian Catastrophe

Myron_J Aug 1, 2006 7:34 AM
Posted in group: History Illustrated (Moderated)
Aniksker, you paint a picture that is a "lose lose" situation, with both sides convinced that there must be confrontation in order to get to the control fo the Land.

I believe there are other options...

Prezionist Jews new to wait for the Messiah, and Zionists, secular and religious, have known that the goal of Political Zionism is an independant state in PART of the Land of Israel and not control over Israel in its Biblical Borders.

The Temple and Total return are dependant on the Messiah..and he is dependant on people being ready..not on people warring. We have so much Good to do before he comes,

Many Christians who believe that "Jews must be saved" have learned to wait for the second coming....they too have learned patience.

So, while you are right, to an extent, that there is a clash of civilization, as the worlds traditional religions learn to live within the framework of modern reality (Pls..people...learn a little quicker) we begin to share more values that can lead to cooperation and mutual respect.

This sounds overly optimistic...Granted, it is to an extent..but it is the challenge facing us..the only option we have.