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Re: Appropriateness of the Discussion/Placemarks

TOPlanner Aug 7, 2006 4:26 PM
Posted in group: History Illustrated (Moderated)
I don't want to detract from the great work that you do as moderators, because I know that you all work very hard and have rightfully earned the gratitude of this community. That being said, however, I find the argument being made here ridiculous.

Anyone with a passing knowledge of cartography will know that maps have been used as a principal tool of propaganda throughout the ages, including in many geopolitical conflicts where they have been frequently used to great effect. The suggestion that the placemarks are "excellent" because they make good use of the technology available to the poster is completely absurd. This is like saying that "Triumph of the Will" is an "excellent" film because of it stunning cinematography and captivating narrative technique. Whatever its artistic merit, it remains a propaganda tool in the same way that this collection of placemarks remains a propaganda tool, whatever its cartographic or technological merit.

Again, I respectfully request that the original message along with the associated placemarks be deleted without further delay.
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