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A visit to Blythe Bay

Cintos Sep 12, 2012 9:12 PM
Posted in group: Geology (Moderated)

While visiting Wilmington for the Southeastern Section GSA meeting, we took the opportunity to visit the Blythe Bay area. While much of the main bay has been transformed into a suburban home development, the significant bay on its southern side (136311_7266) remains undisturbed, save for the highway transit and a few sand-floored pathways. We entered that bay from the southeastern side through a very small (~40 m x 30m) adjoining bay (136311_7065). The following short video provides a glimpse around the inside this small bay, which leads into the adjoining bay out the ramp halfway through the video. This small bay bowl is depressed ~6 ft from the rim. It is unusual to visualize the rim surrounding a Carolina bay with such definition.

For instance, the image on the right above is taken across the golf course on floor of the main Blythe bay (136311_7561). Flat!

It would seem the bays in the Wilmington area would be ideal for a serious scientific undertaking to determine the structure and extent of the rim sands, as they are both exceptionally accessible.

Given the description of the main bay's sediment sandwich (see first post in thread) the exact date of the post-glacial high stand of the Atlantic in this area could be obtained by dating the peat fill at the interface with the blanket of marine sediment washed in above it. Blythe bay's floor is currently at 11 m above sea level.

The attached kmz file has been annotated with overlays and placemarks for about a dozen bays in the immediate area.

- Michael
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