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Re: Real-Time Day and Night on Earth (UPDATE)

mdrogerson Oct 28, 2005 7:42 AM
Posted in group: Dynamic Data Layers
Ok, First things first.

This is an excellent idea, and as people have said would be good to have included with GE as standard.


First issue is with the DAY side of the overlay. With the overlay active the Day side casts a green FOG over the earth, even at a low transparency the images appear fogged and low quality.

SUGGESTION: Is it possible to make the DAY side of the overlay completely transparent (in the actual overlay data), so as not to affect the GE images at all. Obviously it is expected of the night side that the image will be affected but not of the day side!

Suggestion 2: Is it possible to integrate an image of the Earth at night with street/city lighting etc (i do believe these overlays exist), that would reveal itself as the night side rotates around the globe?


Using multiple layers to in effect alter the transparency of the night time lighting layer as the globe rotates to create the same effect?
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