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jay_babin Aug 23, 2005 1:51 PM
Posted in group: Dynamic Data Layers
How do you find the 10 nearest? Is it based on Long. and Lat.?

My pictures do not show up in populated areas. For instance,
This one works but there are no photos near it.

This one does not

I set the Long. and Lat. to very near to where I was in the water, and took the Long. and Lat. from Google Earth. Click the .kmz file above.

My photo should show up as one of the 10 closest, but it doesnt.

well if you can get this working - then you fixed this bug.

This is an awesome idea - I am addicted to it from a Geosnapper point of view - but would love to see this work flawlessly.

Thanks for the great tool.

Anybody who hasnt tried the geosnapper tool download it before you click the link above: