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New imagery available as VBR network links

ink_polaroid Sep 7, 2005 7:29 PM
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Our first test of this publishing method was quite successful, so we're trying again with two more recent sets of data.

ImageAmerica-VBR-netlink -- these images were taken on Friday 2nd Sept from Image America's low-flying aircraft. They are black and white, but the resolution is 12".

NOAA-VBR-netlink -- this will allow you to see the entire NOAA dataset (through Sept 5th) in near-full resolution without having to download the 2Kx2K images.

To view these files, click on one of the links and wait for Google Earth to fly you to the area. Tiles will be fetched (appropriate to your level of zoom) two seconds after your camera position comes to a stop.

Again, we're hosting this on an experimental server, so uptime is not guaranteed. Please report any problems.