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Information needed for GE Pro Educator License

M.Omur Saygin Jan 19, 2012 1:29 AM
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I had applied for Google Earth Pro License for Educators as a part of Google Outreach Program in 2010 for the first time. Our application was approved and I received my Google
Earth Pro Login Information which allows us to activate Google Earth Pro on 14 machines.

As you know each license expire after one year. Therefore our pro license expired on March 2011 if I'm not wrong. Afterwards, I sent our license renewal request to Google
Earth Education" <> on 2011, but this time through Google Earth Pro Grant for Educators Wizard since the application process has been changed. I recall that I requested 20 licenses but the following email doesn't say anything about it. I would be grateful if you could
kindly clarify how many activations are allowed ? Thank you in advance.

Finally, I received the following email :
Here is your Google Earth Pro Login Information


License Key: JCPM7B2BVNY*** (Full License is not given here for security reasons)
Expiration: January 10, 2013

Please remember to enter the License Key exactly as it appears above; it's case sensitive. Be sure your caps lock key is not on by mistake. We recommend copying and pasting this license key into your login window to avoid making mistakes.

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