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Re: Map of the War up till August 11

Villaman Aug 13, 2008 4:40 AM
Posted in group: Current Events
Hi Catholicgauze!
Great map! Thanks.

If Russia will have more influence on Georgia after the war: (Perhaps through a forced government change) (As in Hungary in 1956) As the pipelines that transports oil and gas to Europe are going through Georgia, Russia will have more influence on Europe. It is clear, this war is the beginning of the oil shortage age.
In Europe and all over the world we have to turn our attention to alternative energy sources. If possible buy goods from near locations and use your car less! Oh and don't buy anything made in Russia untill their troops leave those lands!
That is all that we can do for world peace.

P.s.: Any war that brings "peace" or "democracy" to oil transit or oil producer countries are a bit tuneless for me.