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Noisette Feb 8, 2007 1:35 PM
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Since posting this presentation, I have updated it a few times with more buildings and new pictures.

The Saint-Cyr house, designed for the painter Georges Léonard de Saint-Cyr by Gustave Strauven, has been in the news recently as the identity of the new buyer has been revealed.

Fri 02/02/07 - Brussels State Secretary Emir Kir (French speaking socialist) has announced the plans and preparatory work to start on the renovation of the Saint-Cyr house have finally been completed. This is good news for the splendid example of Art Nouveau architecture that had grown somewhat dilapidated in recent years.

The Saint Cyr house is a fine example of Art Nouveau.

It was built in 1903 by architect Gustave Strauven who himself was a pupil of the renowned Victor Horta.

Strauven's client was the painter Georges Léonard de Saint-Cyr.

Situated at number 11 of the Brussels Ambiorix square, it is characterised by its circular windows and its ironwork bay windows.

Although the house was listed in 1988, the then owners didn't manage to find the necessary funds to have it restored.

In 2003, it was sold to a private buyer who wanted to restore it to its former glory but then soon realised he did not possess of the necessary capital to do so.

As a result, the house remained in a state of neglect for many years. The wrought-ironwork went rusty, which in its turn caused cracks. These let in water that also caused the woodwork to rot.

Finally, in 2006, the house was bought by the Antwerp real estate company Movast that specialises in historical buildings.

Restoration led by architects Lievevrouw & Van der Wee

Movast will now restore the Saint-Cyr house to its original state and refurbish it for private habitation.

In a first phase, the building's facade will be restored. Brussels Capital Region has agreed to put aside 500,000 euros for this. After that, the region will finance another 40% of the costs for the restoration of the interior.

The restoration project is in the hands of the architectural firm led by Paul Lievevrouw and Barbara Van der Wee, who both have won their spurs in the renovation of listed buildings.

Source: VRTNews

Movast website

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