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Re: Update: Street View on Google Earth 5.2 and earlier

BromsMods Jan 22, 2012 4:40 AM
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As a business user who has written database software for wide audiences in the education field I think you need to listen carefully to the comments made by users here - I agree 100% with everything that previous contributors have said.  When developing software it is important to find out what the end users want before implementation.  Clearly the version of Street View offered in the latest version of Google Earth doesn't meet user requirements.
Like others I downgraded to version 5.2 after I had installed the cumbersome, slow, resource hungry version 6 with a Street View which was difficult to use and produced distorted images that I found difficult to manipulate.  Having found Street View no longer available in 5.2 I am reluctant to install the latest version again for all the reasons stated in my previous sentence.  Trying to run a business I don't have time to wait for a computer to respond and then fail to provide the information I want, in the format I want it, having previously had access to what I wanted in a previous software version.  Street View in version 5.2 might in your view have been basic but it was easily accessible and funtional, I could see at a glance where street level images existed and they also provided street names alongside, which was useful to me when the street name wasn't actually visible on the satellite image overlay.
I agree that Google Earth is a fantastic creation with a wealth of information but that information needs to be easily accessible and what may be seen as progress by a software developer isn't necessarily what the users want!!
Please let's have access to a more user friendly version of Street View............