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Re: when ever I launch Google earth I get a huge white back ground?

Bananna Apr 9, 2009 7:09 AM
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Hi LuciaM & Masonicmoron:  Okay, I am now back home.  I understand that my PC does not have a Graphics card.  It just relies upon what is inside the mysteries of the PC to bring up graphics!  What I don't understand is how my 5 year old Fujitsi Siemens laptop gives me a perfect picture in GE5?  My PC is a Mecer (Intel inside celeron), loaded with Windows XP Home Edition.  At the moment I am getting GE5 picture, without the yellow lines, but it is blurred.  when I try to zoom into a section, it is even more blurred.  Do I have to live with this or does either of you have any suggestions to improve it?  The older version of GE 4.3 was extremely good but prior to downloading GE5.