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Look around not working since upgrading to android 4.04

exhibit2cm9 Apr 23, 2012 5:44 PM
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I have a Samsung Exhibit 2 4g, I used the look around feature a lot when I was running android 2.3 by using the on screen button that looked like an eye, and then simply moving the phone in the direction I wanted to see.
Since upgrading to android 4.04 there is no look around button, I have read that tablets use a 2 finger drag on screen to look around but this does not work for my phone.
is it intended for phones to use the same screen manipulation as tablets?
is there a way to use an earlier version of google earth to have the look around button back?
can anybody with android 4+ on a phone check to see if you have a look around button or if the screen manipulation works on your phone please?