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Re: An outage in the Google Earth Community

04phil Mar 2, 2012 12:17 AM
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Unfortunately I lied in my latest post, sorry for this

I found other disturbing aspects in the PANORAMIO forums / Google Groups :
  • I did NOT find any HISTORY of my posts in the panoramio forums ; there seems to be NO "my control" page (as in other forum systems) with all important information about what I've done in the forums ! It means : I cannot browse through other users' posts !
  • At the top of a forum, you can read "42 of 7336 topics" : I don't know HOW you can have access to all these topics. Though, if you go with your cursor at the end of the list, Google groups loads topics 43 to 84, then 85 to... etc., but WHAT if I want to browse randomly ?!
  • A detail : in the tool box (over the post you're writing) there is a "remove formatting" button : sometimes it does not remove anything ! (I made a copy/paste of some bold text and I could NOT remove this boldface !) 

yeah !