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Re: Google Earth 5.0 user interface font size (Linux)

RAWJ Feb 22, 2009 10:01 AM
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I'm not surprised my method didn't work for you since Ubuntu 8.10 (32 bit) uses Gnome as the window manager and Kubuntu 8.04.2 (32 bit) uses KDE. What we are all generally griping about is that Google hasn't figured out, or at least hasn't documented or implemented, how to tie in cleanly with the many and various window managers in the many and varied Linux distributions. With monolithic OSes like MS Windows or Apple's OSX there isn't the "genetic diversity" of window managers, file locations etc. to deal with. The inherent diversity among the various Linux distributions is a significant strength; it is one of the reasons it is so difficult to write malicious software that will affect Linux, too many combinations and permutations to deal with. However, it is also a significant challenge for legitimate software since tools need to be made available to customize for each variant of distribution. I think Google gave it a try by including their own Qt libraries with GE5 but as this thread is testimony to, they didn't succeed. But hey, tinkering around with software for Linux is part of the fun isn't it? :-)