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Re: How do I turn off discussion email notifications by default for all new documents, not per-doc?

Bas Braams Jul 5, 2011 12:29 PM
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@isero <<I'm happy this will be changed soon>>. That was on 2011-06-09 CET and it hasn't changed yet; it is not yet possible to <<turn off discussion notifications as a default for your docs>> as was announced for some unspecified time by @Teresa here on 2011-03-29 CET. I still agree with @Timothyjrobinson that <<This default emailing setting needs to go now>>. I've used the work-around to start a new doc that I wanted to share as a copy of a doc from from before the discussions were introduced. That means that I don't have discussions at all and it is acceptable to me whereas having the email notifications to be turned off by each person separately is not acceptable for my sharing situations.