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Docs is not fitted for working with more than one language that have different writing

Jolly Jumper Apr 30, 2012 1:38 AM
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I'm working with two languages in a document, Japanese and English. My opinion is that Google Docs should had an automatic recognition of languages so you could choose how they look separately. Right now, it appears like this:


But that font for Japanese is too small and the family doesn't show properly the strokes.


Now it's bigger, but the text in English is larger too. To solve this, I can just highlight 観光客, but with a hundred words or more in Japanese mixed with English it's kind of troublesome.

It'd be nice if we could choose our default fonts and make our own list (like say, I don't like Times New Roman, so I delete it from my list of fonts when editing. And I want that other from Chinese, and that one for katakana and hiragana from Japanese. And right now I feel like writing in...).

Why are some fonts just shown in a language? Is it strange to work with more than one language at a time? If we could add some fonts...