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Re: features missing in google docs

sergejsu May 7, 2012 3:14 AM
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Of course I mostly copy/paste with CTRL+C/V as right-click menu sometimes shows Copy/Paste/Cut opytions, sometimes not - even within one document, regardless of Google Docs Chrome app, that should provide for right-click menu..

I have default style for Normal text, taht is activated, Times New Roman 11 - when I copy form one document a text in Times New Roman 11, with some symbols in superscript, it *always* pastes in Arial 11 ( sometimes adding Veradna 9 - although all and whole source text is copied from Google Docs neighbour tab, which is 100% Times New Roman 11), and superscript dissappers, as well as spacing and tabs took another shape.

There is nothing to discuus a lot about - it is just blatant low quality of implementation of Google Docs funncionlaity.

WebApps doesn't have it.

Yes, WebClipboard works well, it keeps formatting - but the purpose of WebClipboard is to share clipboard among sessions and users. It is so cumbersome to use it, as there is no right click. And it doesn't work not beyond GoogleDocs.

I moved to WebApps to make my texts.
Still GDocs is better for collabartive commenting (except last code change that resulted in that capability dissapeared if not commenting for whole GoogleDocs document) and sharing files.