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When opening pdfs from google docs on an Android powered HTC Evo, the image scrolls off of the bottom of the screen and cannot be retrieved. How can I fix it.

androiduser1 Mar 27, 2012 2:42 PM
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We send out a link in an e-mail for uploaded pdf google documents to several employees. Most of these employees work off of android powered phones. When they open the document in their e-mail on their phone, the image automatically scrolls down the page until it is off the screen and you can't you see it anymore. This happens if you try to open the document with the google docs app or the web browser. I have tested it on my phone, which is an HTC Evo and the error is occuring on my phone. This is an issue that has existed since 2 days after Google updated google docs about a month ago. Someone from these forums had replicated the problem. but we never heard about a fix. There was a lengthy thread posted, but Google reformatted the forum page and now I can't find that thread anymore.  I need help. Thanks.