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Language settings need to be upgraded. How am I supposed to go through the options when I can't read them?

capegold12 May 2, 2012 9:03 PM
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Hi, this is for the millions of native English speakers living abroad who use Google Chrome. When you clear your cookies or cache or whatever, then come back to Chrome, it reverts back into the language of the country you are in. The problem is, if you don't happen to read that language, how are you supposed to set it right?

For example, in South Korea I did just that. After some fiddling, I was able to find out that '언어' means 'language'. There is no other way than to have a Korean do it for you. Why can't google list the term 'English' in English! Then for other people, use the alphabet in question. That's what Facebook does. There are absolutely no language issues with Facebook. They've covered that pretty well and I think Google can too.


Oh...just noticed I'm in the Google 'Docs' section. Don't know how I ended up here...but the post still stands :-)