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Adsense as default and other adv ( third party ) as secondary elements

abanjo Apr 28, 2012 4:11 AM
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Hi i'm newer on DFP Small Business.
Currently i'm using Adsense on my web site, but sometimes i need to put some adv banner from third party. These banners are taken from tradedoubler and i get a revenue based on the selling action ( not click or impression ).
What i want is to configure DFP in order to have Adsense by default, and sometimes insert a campaing with Tradedoubler banner.
Which is the best way to do this?
I created the ad unit with adsense's option enabled, but is not clear to me which kind of line item ( to associate to it ) is the best option (network, bulk, price priority, house ... ):

For example, if a campaign end i can still have adsense on my ad unit?
More over, if i create an ad unit ( with adsense's option enabled ) and i put the tag on my web site without associate it to any line item what's happen? The adsense adv is shown or there is a empty space?