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Re: Automatic thumbnails - no work required!

mspotilas Nov 16, 2011 12:02 AM
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here is my feedback as a Blogger and two questions:

1. Blogger thumbnails youtube videos, and the thumbnail is available in blog feed. Custom search does not thumbnail youtube videos. Youtube video thumbnail is easy to implement and I think it would be a great feature for custom search, too.

2. In some pages I have a javascript (or flash) slideshow of pictures. These pages don't have automatic thumbnail, that is ok, but I would like to specify one (the first picture of the slideshow, for example). I could do this with thumbnail <meta> or pagemap, but in Blogger it is hard and worksome to make page specific <head> sections. My question is: must the thumbnail <meta> and/or pagemap be in <head> or are they parsed also from html <body>?

3. For some blog pages, mainly archive pages, the automatic thumb may not be good (it is usually from the first post of that archive page). Can you somehow prevent the creation/showing of a thumbnail for a page, for example by using empty content for <meta>?