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how to use siteSearchFilter parameter method of rest API to exlcude the list of sites

pritesh1 May 19, 2012 7:15 AM
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Any one know how to use the  siteSearchFilter ,siteSearch parameter Using REST API to exlcude the list of domains and i want to also looking for one custome search where i can use the include the list of sites for my custom serarch

Here is my custom search link URL

        url = ''+str(keyword)+'&alt=json&start='+str(page)+'&siteSearch='+str(sitesearch)+'&siteSearchFilter=%s'%str(e)

where here

sitesearch = list of sites,

and e='e' means exclude if i pass 'i' means include between any way its not working

can anyone tell me the correct syntax to make working

same thing i am looking for 
dateRestrict parameter  i wan to use in my custom search