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Re: 99% of my bookmarks are gone all of a sudden. Help!!!

ogaguse Apr 29, 2012 9:40 AM
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We just got a new Mac at work last week. Installed Chrome, signed in and all my bookmarks were there. All was well and good.

The second day I was browsing on that same work computer and suddenly every folder on my bookmarks bar was duplicated. I deleted one of each and the final result was exactly what I wanted: one of each of my folders. I used some bookmarks and added a couple. Back home over the weekend (yesterday) I saw those new bookmarks appear on my synced browser (great). After about an hour of browsing I saw most folders disappear right before my eyes with four exceptions. What puzzles me is that those four folders have only a handful of bookmarks each when I know each should have at least 20. I am at a loss as to why this would have happened.

Doing a quick search I have found lots of people have had similar issues lately. With the latest release of Chrome I, and many others, have noticed that Google Sync has become very unreliable when it comes to syncing bookmarks. I would add one at work and sometimes it would take several days before I would see that bookmark appear at home. That I could almost live with but this is just not cool.

I will go to the office tomorrow, save those bookmarks before they could be wiped and restore them at home but the Chrome team should research what's going on with the service. It's very strange!