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Re: Chrome not working with FACEBOOK

Sparky2 Nov 25, 2011 5:46 PM
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My problems with facebook and chrome is the fact the chrome has OUTRIGHT refused to play ANY games on FB... Not that big of a deal,  I can use FF for that.  But the new problem I have run into is the CONSTANT dropping of letters while posting on FB.  It is so severe,  that ever 4th letter or so gets dropped.  And this is DEFINITELY a Chrome issue as I do much more typing in other apps and do not have this problem.  It has become such an annoyance,  on top of the stupid 'game issues'  that I am about ready to uninstall chrome...  Add to that,  like every other great application,  Chrome has fallen into the well known trap of 'memory hog'  

6 instances of Chrome,  for 1 tab,  and 60 megs of ram?  REALLY?!  Weak.  Very weak.

V: 10.0.648.205