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Re: Update for google chrome for Ubuntu 11.10

zs1otb Jul 1, 2012 2:29 AM
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I received two Ubuntu daily updates on consecutive days. The 1st was a 31Mb download as an update for Chrome.After the update Chrome doesn't launch at all it crashes onto itself.

Day later another update again 32Mb download. No improvement... Still doesn't run

I tried to run it from the terminal but nothing happens, it just sits there with no action. in the end I had to Ctrl-C to stop the program running but doing nothing.

It appears as if with this update the was removed from my computer and pepperflash was installed.

Isn't this some problem?

I'm a webdesigner and when updating websites I test if it runs on Firefox, Opera and Chrome.

Is it perhaps better to install Chromium in Ubuntu rather than Chrome.

This is VERY frustrating.

Any help or ideas how to fix the problem?