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Re: Introducing Chrome for Android (Squeal!)

Nayan Jindal Feb 7, 2012 10:32 PM
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Hey Jacky,

Exactly This is a Great News , Being an Android user myself i can exactly understand how great and how important a feature such as Link preview in the Chrome for Android will be for me , So Hats off to the Team for introducing this on Android devices making it a great browser altogether !

My Biggest concern is that with the awesome amount of people looking for downloading it , and especially those not having Android 4.0 and for those who are getting messages as not supported in country and your carrier does not support this , what would it mean for those users , they will be encouraged to go for other Links put by other people or for other made ".apk's made my other third parties .

Apart from that altogether it would be so much phone to have it on my ZTE BLADE , but my country India is not included in it Perhaps and i am only on Froyo 2.2 as well , So  sad for me till i can get it to use on my device .

Yet hats off and Great work , My lookout in this is "Link Preview"  .