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Chrome 19 comes to Stable! (And so do your tabs...)

JackyH May 16, 2012 11:56 AM
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Hey Chromies!

How often do you find yourself emailing yourself links, just so you can open them on another device? What would you do if I told you we figured out a way for you not to have to do that? Jump up and down with joy? Well, start jumping! With today’s Stable release of Chrome, when you’re signed in to Chrome, your open tabs are synced across all your devices, so you can quickly access them from the “Other devices” menu on the New Tab page. And, yes, if you use Chrome for Android Beta, your tabs there will sync too. The back and forward buttons will even work, so you can pick up browsing right where you left off. Pretty nifty, yes?

Want to see it to believe it? Check out this video about Tab Sync. 

And open tabs aren’t the only things that sync when you sign in to Chrome. Signing in to Chrome also syncs your bookmarks, apps, extensions, history, themes, and other settings. That way, when you sign in to Chrome, your Chrome will go with you every where you go. Chrome 19 also included updates to your settings page. If you haven't been updated to Chrome 19 already, you can do so by following the path Wrench Menu>About Google Chrome>Update.  While this will update you to Chrome 19, the tab sync feature will be rolled out more gradually over the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy staying in sync! 

Yeah for Chrome 19!
Jacky + The Chrome Team