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ATTN: Mac OS X 10.5.8 users, How to "fix" Adobe Flash issue tutorial

JonMH Feb 28, 2013 12:14 PM
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This has helped a lot of people in the other thread that got locked so I thought I'd repost it. As our Leopard platform is no longer supported by Chrome, it is up to us to fend for ourselves. After manually updating flash to the newest compatible version from the Adobe website do the following:

How to fix Adobe Flash issue on Mac OS X 10.5.8 with allow-outdated-plugins switch and restore Chrome functionality (step-by-step screen shots attached below):

Step 1:  In Finder goto the Finder pull-down menu -> Services -> Script Editor -> 'Make New AppleScript'

Step 2: Copy/Paste the following into Script Editor (Refer to step2.tiff):

do shell script "/Applications/Google\\\\ Chrome --allow-outdated-plugins & killall"

Step 3:  Goto File -> Save As -> **FILENAME: ChromeScript (File Format: select "Application"; Options: make sure only "Run Only" is checked)


From now on you will use your new ChromeScript app to open Chrome. You can also replace your "old" Chrome icon in your dock with the new script for convenience. Remember to manually check for plug-in updates occasionally because Chrome will no longer do it automatically. [To check for plug-in updates, type about:plugins into your Chrome address bar. All other plug-ins aside from Adobe Flash will accurately indicate here if they require an update. (You can check for Adobe Flash 10.3 updates here (under Flash Player archives) and Install from here)]


*Troubleshooting tips & How to change your ChromeScript icon to the appropriate Chrome icon can be found directly below this post.

*Alternative Method - Using Property List Editor to add AllowOutdatedPlugins to the browser itself: Use if, 1) None of the below troubleshooting tips are helping and you can't get ChromeScript to work,  or 2) You don't have Applescript pre-installed on your computer,  or 3) You would rather just use the native Google launcher. This property list editor based tutorial is slightly more involved than the ChromeScript tutorial, but not difficult and has no troubleshooting issues. You will launch Chrome with original Google after this method is complete.