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Re: Chrome 10 - Flash Crashes

Thomas S Mar 23, 2011 6:52 PM
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Since Google hasn't posted it here, then I'll do it. On

I found the following comment:


Comment 145 by project member, Yesterday (24 hours ago)
to all: We are noticing an interesting trend. The people in chrome 12 (canary) are not crashing in flash nearly as much as the people in chrome 10.

The good news is that to use chrome canary you don't have to uninstall chrome, you can run them side by side. Here is the install link:
I haven't had a crash since installing it, but it's only been a few hours. Note that it doesn't automatically copy bookmarks or settings, so in the current Chrome one has to go into the 'Wrench' - Bookmark Manager and on the bookmark manager screen go into Organize - Export Bookmarks, then in the new Canary version do almost the same but choose Import Bookmarks. One also has to reconfigure any options such as languages. Also, it can't be set to default browser, so clicking a link in another application will still open the current Chrome.