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Re: Chrome 18 - Constant Flash crashes (not freezes)?

CarolePf Apr 11, 2012 5:23 PM
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When playing Castleville (in Facebook), my Google Chrome CONSTANTLY crashes with this message: "The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Player" or get this msg: "The following plug-in is unresponsive: Shockwave Flash.  Would you like to stop it: Yes or No"  Sometimes I get a window that asks me if I want to kill the pages or wait.  I LOVE Chrome but it is very, very frustrating that I cannot even enjoy game playing anymore.  Here is my info:

1. Google Chrome version 18.0.1025.152 m
2. Operating System: Vista 32 bit
3. Sites: Castleville
4. Here are a few Crash IDs: 7a1315478387a1af  e785419912d2868e    ac55522f30cd71c0   5377e9bb10e9d5f7
5. Just playing the game and then the computer gets slow and then get the crash message.

Please help!!  Thanks!!!!!